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Opens At : 11:00 AM
KM 43 Lekki Epe expressway, Oko Ado Sangotedo, Lagos, Nigeria

Exclusive VIP

what's new?


For us at Lounge 107 Sangotedo , going forward, we will be offering exclusive access to Lounge 107 Exclusive members . which means a customer can register to become a Vip member, sign up to our exclusive membership plan, deposit money that will cover their expenses within the lounge and have access to product and services within their subscribed package. Which means cashless balling. Deposit ahead and ball without swiping.


special cocktail

We are also introducing Lounge 107 special ( special cocktails at special prices will be available after the anniversary) which means our customers can order for 107 Special by 11:31 pm on Saturday 20th of May after unveiling.
We will be Expanding our event offerings by hosting unique and exclusive events, such as private movie screenings, product launches, VIP parties and more away from our regular activities.

Native platter

Crab, Beef, Spicey Pomo, Eja Shawa, Potatoes Wages

advantages of being a Vip member

  • As a VIP member, you can come in every time cashless and enjoy without swiping at the lounge and Rooftop

  • VIP special, premium access and treatment at our exclusive networking and social event design for VIP Members.

  • VIP members special treatment: As a stakeholder, we will treat you special while relying on your support and cooperation in making non vip members also feel special within our Business premises.

exclusive vip membership

Please fill the information below to be a part of our Exclusive VIP Membership